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December 21, 2022


Anette Ordahl, MT DES Disaster Communications Officer/PIO
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Jennifer Warren, External Affairs Officer, FEMA
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News Release

Montana Disaster and Emergency Services to Host First Inaugural
Recovery Resources Symposium in Helena, MT January 25, 2023


Helena, Mont. –Montana Disaster and Emergency Services (MT DES), supported by FEMA, will be hosting a Montana Recovery Resource Symposium at Fort Harrison on January 25, 2023. 

The objective of the Symposium is to focus on a wholistic approach to long-term disaster recovery, including creating bridges between resources and unmet needs that may exist during long-term recovery.

Symposium presenters, including Montana state emergency management experts, state higher education representatives, federal disaster recovery staff, local community representatives, and philanthropic organizations, will address recovery through a whole community perspective.

The symposium will focus on six key recovery impacts including the following:

  1. Infrastructure

  2. Housing

  3. Economy

  4. Industrial Partners (agricultural, mining, tourism, etc.)

  5. Environmental/Natural Resources

  6. Local Capacity

In addition, presenters will discuss current unmet needs from the June 2022 flooding disaster to support ongoing recovery and to assist in planning for future long-term recovery needs. 

Networking and Building Relationships

One of the key endeavors of the Montana Recovery Resources Symposium will be to facilitate networking, establishing partnerships, and pairing community needs with recovery resources, as well as, building resiliency before the next disaster.Organizers anticipate that the Symposium will foster long-lasting relationships and collaboration among agencies and organizations for a more resilient Montana. MT DES Recovery Program
Manager, Allison Taylor stated, “The Recovery Symposium is an exciting step for Montana to develop a comprehensive long-term recovery strategy that will fully address the needs of its citizens.”

The event is open to the public. Emergency managers, community and volunteer representatives, and anyone interested in networking to build a more resilient Montana are strongly encouraged to attend.

The Symposium will offer both in person attendance at Fort Harrison and virtual attendance options.

Register online to attend at


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